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What can you do?

  • You may use NWU Computing Resources for activities which are relevant to your role at NWU.
  • You may use NWU Computing Resources for academic and educational purposes, including involvement in professional organizations.
  • In using NWU Computing Resources you must respect the rights of other members of the NWU community and of the larger Internet community.
  • You may use NWU Computing Resources only while you are a currently enrolled student, an employee, or a faculty emeritus of Nebraska Wesleyan University or as a participant in an on-going program by the University.
  • You may use NWU Computing Resources for your personal entertainment or communication, but must relinquish the resources if they are needed for an academic or educational purpose.
  • You must use NWU Computing Resources in an ethical and responsible manner.
  • You must abide by all security restrictions on NWU Computing Resources.

What can't you do?

  • You may not allow another person to use your user name and password, nor use another person's user name and password, to access NWU Computing Resources.
  • You may not use NWU Computing Resources to support or advocate any commercial, political, or non-profit organization without the written permission of the NWU administration.
  • You may not use NWU Computing Resources for any illegal purpose including, but not limited to, unauthorized copying of software.
  • You may not violate other NWU policies in your use of NWU Computing Resources.
  • You may not be wasteful of NWU Computing Resources, use them unfairly or disrupt their intended use.
  • You may not use NWU Computing Resources in a manner which is detrimental to the performance of your role at NWU.
  • You may not intentionally damage NWU Computing Resources.
  • You may not use NWU Computing Resources for unauthorized access to other resources.
  • You may not use NWU Computing Resources in a deceiving manner

What happens if you don't comply?

  • Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in disciplinary action according to standard University policies and procedures.

Note: While NWU respects the privacy of e-mail messages, liability concerns may require the University to access any e-mail on its system.

Pertinent selections of the Policies for Nebraska Wesleyan's Presence on the World Wide Web

4d. Personal pages:

All individuals having personal pages on any University web server must complete a web questionnaire form and submit it to University Relations, who is responsible for approving links to the Wesleyan home page.

ii. Student personal pages: Student pages created for academic, job-search or post-graduate school purposes, which are sponsored by an academic or administrative department, may be linked to the Nebraska Wesleyan web site. The department chair/director, or designee, is responsible for approving the content of these pages.

5. Disclaimer statement for personal pages:

a. Disclaimer statement: Nebraska Wesleyan University, in support of the opportunity for the creative expression and promotion of diversity afforded by individual publication on the Internet, allows and encourages the creation of personal pages by appropriate members of its community The authors of these pages are, however. solely responsible for the views and material presented therein, and comments or concerns should be directed to the author(s).

b. Location of the disclaimer statement: Full text of the University's disclaimer statement or a link to the University's disclaimer statement must be visible upon entry to each personal page (4~d.)

6. Removal of Pages/Links

The University Relations Office is responsible for monitoring Nebraska Wesleyan's web site. Linked pages with content that violates the University's policies and/or federal and state laws will be removed.

Approval by the Board of Governors, May 2, 1997